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     K-Tech MX Settings

One of the many very cool things about the relationship we enjoy with K-Tech is access to their development work on MX suspension. We have have over the last year equipping numerous bikes with K-Tech MX settings in NZ, and now just starting to deliver these advanced settings in to Australia via our dealer network with some staggeringly good results! But first things first lets take a look about what is different about their approach!!

K-Tech don't for the most part sell replacement pistons for dirt bikes! Thats right no valve kits are offered, why you ask? It is K-Tech's belief that its is nigh on impossible to improve on the design of most contemporary original equipment pistons, and that many pistons offered as part of kits are for the largest part at best equal to or in some cases inferior to the original equipment design. A number of companies have business models of selling piston kits and have happy customers, so how can what we are saying be correct. Simply what you are really paying for when you buy a lot of piston kits is the Intellectual Property behind the settings, in many cases a superior setting on an inferior piston design still yields a good result. So the point of difference is that K-Tech put the effort in to developing settings for off road on Original Equipment parts where the parts are suitable or difficult to improve upon. This of course makes some try to suggest that the result is somehow inferior than their piston kits, we don't believe so at all, in fact we are told by K-Tech that the factory race parts have the exact same piston designs as OEM except they are sometimes made out of light alloys to reduce weight slightly. The next obvious question should be so how much do you charge for this intellectual property, right? Nothing, its part of the service and one of our points of difference! And before you ask, no we won't give you our K-Tech settings free of charge, but we will be happy to upgrade your shock or forks with K-Tech developed settings. Don't underestimate the work that goes in to developing these settings! K-Tech have 2 Roerhig suspension dyno’s, a crank model and an electromagnetic where along with field testing all of their settings evolve from. The company have four technicians that work on new products and settings with over 100 years field experience between them including Motocross, Enduro and road racing at world level, WRC and Formula car racing. Currently they have technicians working in World Supersport Racing, AMA Pro Racing and BSB Championship and are currently working with David Knight on setting for his WEC events.

So whats it cost right?? Well thats the good news, because of the high quality parts at low prices that we source from K-Tech, backed up by their fantastic comprehensive setting bank and all the products of their continuos improvement programs, the cost is just $30.00 per damper to cover the time and cost of shims and other parts on top of our standard shock service. Check out our competitive pricing in the Services section.

We have been hearing comments like "That's too cheap", "it can't be any good" We have been hearing this from our competitors a lot recently, they think its too cheap and have recently started complaining to our suppliers! Its a fair and sustainable price for a quality job! As for the result, we believe with the support of K-Tech we are offering the highest quality results at a realistic and sustainable price point, we believe you can pay a whole lot more for a close to somewhat inferior result!!

A year ago we wrote "You will be seeing a lot more K-Tech logos on the starting grids of MX events and on the bikes of happy customers in the near future!" What an understatement! We have a growing number of national championships to our credit. Don't take out word for it, talk to our customers, then call us and let us introduce you to the competitive advantage that is K-Tech.