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     K-Tech Pricing in Australia and New Zealand

Pricing - As distributor, one of the things we had to do first, was to set the retail price of K-Tech products in New Zealand.  After watching sales for all kinds of things go offshore, largely fuelled by a compelling price discrepency in favour of the offshore price, we decided to do something about it.    As a result, we  set the retail price of K-Tech products at UK retail + GST and a small freight component.  In short, we are confident that our price is equal to the best you will get for K-Tech Products anywhere in the world!

Unfortunately, a number of NZ distributors have long been taking advantage of NZ's geographical isolation and have chosen to implement pricing regimes that are best described as extortive. We have long been critical of product being priced at margins not in keeping with the global market place we all now live in; we see this is an old way of thinking and failing to recognize that the Internet has made the world a very small place indeed!

Do not fall into the trap of asking why we are so cheap.  Instead ask why so many of the people complaining about our margins are so expensive!  Don't take our word for it, or thiers, compare our pricing, and the pricing of our competitors to what's available offshore for both products and services!