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Installation Tools for Tracker Cartridge on Ducati Scrambler

Tracker Cartridge kit 120-015-070/010 excluding springs.Following the press release of the new products for the Ducati Scrambler, We would like to confirm there are special tools required for the installation of the Tracker Cartridge Kits.

Scrambler Forks

 We would also recommend that the installation is carried out by a competent techncian as it will require the removal of one chrome stanchion from the axle clamp (foot). other than the basic tool kit there will be other tools required ( listed below )

Tracker Cartridges

 Tracker Cartridge kit 120-015-070/010 excluding springs.

 Tools required for the fitment of the Tracker cartridge Kit:

  • 113-120-001 (spring cup removal tool)
  • 113-010-020 (DDS top cap spanner)
  • 113-030-005 (M12x1.25P pull up rod)
  • 113-030-500 (oil level tool)
  • 113-200-041 (41mm clamping tool insert)
  • 113-010-115 (compression valve tool WP)

Cartridge Fitting Tool Collection

  For more technical information on the fitment of the Tracker Cartridge Kits or on any other products for the Ducati Scrambler please call +64 21 715547

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