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FF Tools

 Front Fork Top Cap Spannner and Compression Valve Tools for WP 4860 Closed Cartridge Forks.

 Part Number:- 113-010-030

FF Tools

 Front Fork Top Cap Pin Spanner suitable for WP 4860 Open Cartridge Forks (Early SX / EXC) WP 4CS Forks and Ohlins R&T Forks

 Part Number:- 113-010-035

FF Tools

 Front Fork Damper Tube Holding Tool. Fits 3/8 drive socket extension bar.

 Part Number:- 113-030-215

FF Tools

 Front Fork Cartridge Holding Tool Double Ended. (For holding cartridges while removing bottom securing bolt).

 Part Number:- 113-030-341

FF Tools

 Front Fork Compression Valve Tool. KYB/Showa 36mm Octangonal (Steel)

 Part Number:- 113-010-100

FF Tools

 Front Fork Compression Valve Tool KYB/Showa 36mm Octagonal (Aluminuim)

 Part Number:- 113-010-105

FF Tools

 Front Fork Spring Changing Tools Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF) 41mm & 43mm

 Part Number:- 113-100-175

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