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Low Friction Shock Absorber Piston Rings

RCU Piston Bush

 We now have available a new range of low friction DU bushes for shockabsorber pistons. These are designed to replace the standard piston rings to give lower friction, less wear and extend the life of the oil in all makes of shockabsorbers.

 These replacement steel / teflon coated bushes are manufactured from the same material used in front forks giving lower friction forces and more constant damping properties across the life of the oil.

 Available in the following fitments.

  • WP 36mm (KTM SX50/65)
  • OHLINS 46mm
  • WP 50mm (PDS)
  • SHOWA 50mm
  • WP 50mm (Linkage Bikes)
  • SHOWA 40mm
  • KYB 40mm
  • KYB 46mm
  • KYB 50mm
  • RMZ 50mm Requires modification to the piston but removes the Quad Ring Seal

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