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Showa RCU Compression Adjusters

Showa RCU Compression Adjusters

 Due to increased enquiries from customers who have broken the low speed compression adjuster screws on Showa shocks we are now stocking a larger range of fitments. Please see our new fitment list below.


CRF250 2006-2008 H3ZK2-B32-4

CRF250 2009-2012 HKRN2-B32-H0

CRF450 2006-2008 H3ZK2-B32-4


KX250F 2007-2008 K1812-B32-5

KX250F 2009-2010 1812- B32-D1

KX250F 2011-2013 K2042-B32-00


DRZ400 2000> S3362-B32-5

RMZ250F 2007-2009 S3782-B32-30

RMZ250F 2010-2012 S3782-B32-60

RMZ250F 2013 S3702-B32-N0

RMZ450F 2008-2009 S3702-B32-D0

RMZ450F 2010-2012 S3782-B32-K0

RMZ450F 2013 S3782-B32-N0

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