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   K-Tech Products

 K-Tech have an ever-growing range of high quality suspension products for the front and rear of your bike. From the multi championship-winning DDS range of rear shocks and fork cartridges, not forgetting the stupendous KTR3 Superbike Forks to the new ranges of Razor, Bullit, and Tracker products.

   Rear Shock Products

35 DDS Pro

Championship Winning Excellence

The K-Tech DDS Pro shock absorber is a multi championship-winning product, used at the highest level of racing worldwide. This shock

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35 DDS Lite

Affordable Excellence

The K-Tech 35 DDS Lite shock absorber is best described as affordable excellence, based on its big brother that is used at the highest level of racing worldwide

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Razor R

Lightweight Champ

The K-Tech Razor-R shock absorbers are aimed at the lightweight end of the motorcycle market. Like all K-Tech Products they have not escaped K-Tech's suspension

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Bullit Shocks

Style and Performance

The K-Tech Bullit shocks offer stunning good looks as well as supreme ride comfort. The combination of both simply puts them in a class of their own. These are

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Razor Piggyback

Twin Shock Performance

The K-Tech Razor Piggyback shocks offer improved control, refined good looks, and the multiple range of adjustments that you would expect from a high performance

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Razor Lite

Twin Shock Upgrade

The K-Tech Razor Lite shocks offer improved control and refined good looks, as well as a rich range of adjustments, which makes them a quantum leap forward from many OEM

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   Front Fork Products


Multi Championship Winning

The KTR3 forks use DDS (Direct Damping System) Technology and have been designed to compete at the highest levels of motorcycle racing. Using high quality materials

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Affordable Race Forks

The K-Tech KTR2 front forks use RDS (Rod Displacement damping System) technology, which uses a 14mm piston rod and a 25mm control piston to give superior

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20 DDS

Stunning Performance

The K-Tech DDS (Direct Damping System) fork cartridges are a replacement damping solution designed to fit into OEM forks for use at the highest levels of racing

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25 RDS

Classic Excellence

K-Tech RDS (Rod Displacement damping System) fork cartridges are designed to fit into Original Equipment forks. Once the flagship fork product until the release of the 20DDS

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20/25 IDS

Solutions for Difficult Fitments

The K-Tech IDS (Independant Damping System) cartridges are designed to fit into original equipment forks that don't allow for the fitting of a compression adjuster into them

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Tracker Cartridges

Top End Performance with Style

Refined comfort, control, stability, and style are the hallmarks of the K-Tech Tracker front fork cartridges. These new products are aimed at the

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Off-road Upgrade

The ORDS (Off Road Damping System) has been designed for the rigours of off-road riding conditions. They are designed and manufactured in the UK using the highest quality

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SRK Valve Kits

Entry Level Race Solution

The K-Tech SRK Piston Kits are available to fit most original equipment front fork cartridges and have been designed for track use to give enhanced damping control

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SSK Valve Kits

Street & Track Day Upgrade

The K-Tech SSK Piston Kits are available to fit most original equipment fork cartridges and have been designed for road and track day use, to give enhanced control over stock

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Functional Fork Upgrade

The K-Tech Flow Control Valves are a drop-in replacement for many OEM fork compression adjusters. While they don't offer an improvement in suspension function, they do make

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Steering Dampers

Taking Care of Business

K-Tech Steering Dampers are a lightweight aluminium design available for many applications. They are available in seven lengths for road and race use and are supplied

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