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   Promotional Item #001 - K-Tech 35DDS Lite Shock

K-Tech 35DDS Lite

Photo of sample 35DDS Lite shock.

K-Tech 35DDS Lite Shock

Recently K-Tech released the K-Tech 35DDS Lite, a shock with a few of the advanced features unique to its bigger brother the 35DDS Pro removed, to make it a more attractive price point, but also a little simpler to set up and use.

Don't for a moment think this is a stripped down poor cousin. Nothing could be further from the truth, it goes head to head with other brands on features and still retains the ultra rigid, CNC machined from high grade billet construction that you won't see on competing models.

How good are these shocks?  The out-of-the-box performance is sensational, in fact K-Tech's first Supersport win with Gino Rea was achieved with a 35DDS Pro, run straight out of the box, no modifications. These shocks have fantastic bump compliance and tend to keep the tyre in good condition at low temperatures!  K-Tech don't have special parts for some riders, everybody gets their best!

Please call for fitments, as new fitments are continually being developed. The unit pictured below for example is for a SV650, a new fitting which does not appear in the current catalogue.

Normal retail price on this unit is $1499.00 NZD +GST or $1723.85 NZD Inc GST + Freight.  Until the last day of August 2013 the price is $1550.00 NZD Inc GST delivered to your door. That's right, including freight to anywhere in Australasia!