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   Promotional Item #002 - K-Tech Valve Kit Promotion

K-Tech 35DDS Lite

Pictured is the 20SRK-SHO-15 kit (with integrated FVCV's)

K-Tech Valve Kits

K-Tech Valve Kits are a fantastic way to improve your forks without spending a fortune and as chance would have it, the object of this second Birthday Special!

What we are doing to make this attractive upgrade even more attractive is a fantastic deal on fitting!

With any valve kit purchased until the end of August 2013 we will service the forks and fit the valve kit for just 100.00 Inc GST, that includes new fork seals and fork bushings if needed!!

Retail price on K-Tech Valve Kits start at just $283.32 NZD +GST or $325.82 NZD Inc GST + the "deal" on fitting from above you can have your forks upgraded and returned to you for as little as $425.82 for some models! Call us now for pricing and availability on the right valve kit for your machine!