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The Little Things

Tech Note 001

Just when I was sitting down thinking what to write in the first article for the Tech Notes series, unexpected inspiration arrived in the form of a customer dropping by with a bike that he purchased online. He was

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Suspension Service

Tech Note 002

In the second Tech Notes article, given the topic of the first article, we feel that suspension service is worth touching on! Most of us have our bikes serviced regularly, oil and filter, brake fluid and coolant change. Right, lets

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Bladders and Assumptions

Tech Note 003

In the third Tech Notes article, we are looking at the question of the best way to pressurise shocks, given that recently it's become quite topical again. So for all of you looking for instant enlightenment, I don’t have a definitive

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K-Tech Bypass Adjuster

Tech Note 004

In this Tech Notes article, we are looking at the K-Tech Bypass Adjuster.  This adjuster is unique to the K-Tech 35DDS Pro range of shocks is often a little misunderstood, as a result the best performance possible from the shock

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Setting MX sag

Tech Note 005

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