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Additions and updates to the website

We have added some information to the products section.

Some under the cover additions in preparation for the implementation of the shopping cart.

Dealer area updates.


K-Tech Air Fork Spring Conversions

We now have available K-Tech Air Fork Spring Conversions for WP and Showa separated function air forks.

These upgrades are proving very popular with riders finding the elevated levels of stiction in SFF Air Forks undesirable.

This High Quality K-Tech upgrade provides improved performance and welcome relief from finicky air pressure adjustments.

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2016 WP Bladder Conversion

We now have available K-Tech Bladder Conversions for the latest generation of 50mm WP Shocks.

We are enjoying great success with these parts as the stock WP shock seems to in some cases have the potential to have the sliding piston jam in the body of the shock making the shocks performance unpredictable and in some cases make the shock lock up

This High Quality K-Tech upgrade provides improved performance and relief from these undesirable symptoms.

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Xmas 2015

The team at K-Tech Australasia would like to wish you a Merry Xmas. May you have a happy and safe holiday period and a prosperous 2016.

Holiday hours: we are closed 28th of December and are working short hours 10:00am till 2:00pm for the rest of the week, with normal operations resuming on 04/01/16.

We look forward to seeing you all early next year as we showcase some exciting new product ranges.


Website Update

Our new look website is now up and running, bringing a more consistent user experience across all devices.

But the new look and feel is just part of the ongoing work. We have a new dealer area nearing completion. The next phase is an interactive online version of our catalogue featuring a spring rate calculator and other useful tools.

We hope you enjoy the changes, and as always your feedback is welcome.


New Parts!

Following on from the success of the High Performance Piston Bands we now have in stock a solution for the somewhat troublesome later RMZ shock pistons. The new piston ring converts a stock piston to a more conventional layout by way of a simple machining operation.

Stock Piston

This is a stock RMZ Piston complete with its unique, but not always desirable, sealing ring.

Piston Stripped

This is a stock RMZ Piston with the OEM piston rings and Quad Ring Seal removed ready for modification.

Modified Piston

This is a Modified RMZ Piston complete with its additional piston ring lands removed. This is a simple process for any competent machinist.

Upgraded Piston

And here is the finished RMZ Piston upgraded with a K-Tech High Performance Piston Ring.